Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mid-week crisis...........

in steilacoom washington there is a middle school student named james watkins. his parents descibe him as a straight a student, an athlete and a "good kid". school officials have a different view. they suspended him for three days and he got cited for sexual harassment because......he wore an inflatable penis costume to the high school homecoming dance. he might be a good kid but hes not a smart kid. in what world did he think that was going to be a-ok? did he expect the principal to come out and carry him into the dance on his shoulders proclaiming him to be the homecoming king? dont get me wrong thats something i would have done in my youth but then again nobody refers to me as a "good kid". i agree that the sexual harassment citation might be overboard but his parents should just take him into the house and beat him. by the way, mr school official, you just made james watkins the most popular kid in middle school.

in montgomery alabama police are looking for a pee wee football coach. hes accused of shooting the father of one of his players because he pulled his son off of the team. seems that was the boys punishment. apparently he meant alot to the team on the other hand nobody shot emmit smiths dad when he retired. by the way the coach has been banned from pee wee football. really? no shit? parents and coaches really need to get a grip on things in this country.

wellington mara died on tuesday at 89. you may not know him but he was the owner of the new york football giants and a founding father of the nfl. big deal you say but if not for him football wouldnt be as big as it is today. mara could of went the way of steinbrenner and said that new york was the biggest market and he wasnt going to share tv money but he didnt. he saw what was in the best interest of the league and did whats right. now football is our national game. baseball could and should learn some things but they wont. mara was a good guy. he didnt mouth off in the press. you never read about him in the scandal rags. hes what an owner should be. football is going to miss a man like him.

alright everybody lets get to work.

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Gigglezngrinz said...

Can you coach peewee sports from prison in Alabama? Sort of a given really.