Friday, October 14, 2005

Fridays news.............

in a stunning case of irony we come across ashley smith. she was the young lady who was taken hostage when brian nichols shot his way out of the courthouse in atlanta. nichols , who killed four people, took her hostage in her apartment after his rampage. her story made national news because she got him to surrender by talking to god and reading passages from the book "the purpose driven life". as paul harvey would say "and now for the rest of the story". seemd aour saintly young lady was a meth addict and got him to surrender by giving him her supply of crystal meth. she admits she used the drug before she was taken hostage. she prepared the drug for him so he could snort it. ms smith received an award of 70k for her role in this. she says she no longer takes drugs. i'd love to know how much of that 70k is left? sure give the meth addict 70k...why not give nichols a lifetime nra membership while your at it. shes writing a book now about this and i can only hope its titled the drug driven life.

chris wilson is a former police officer. he also runs a website by the name of yes chris shows some pornongraphic pictures on that site but by no means is it even close to being the worst site on the net. not even in the top thousand. not with site with guys peeing on women and girls shitting on surfboards. he also shows something else....he is allowing u.s. soldiers to post pictures of war dead on his site. he has been arrested on obsenity charges. over 300 charges to be exact including distribution of obscene material, offering to distribute obscene material and possession of obscene material with intent to distribute. the police refered to it as "it is the most horrific, vile, perverted sexual is as vile, as perverted, as non normal sexual conduct-which rises to the level of obscenity-as we have ever investigated". think the administration doesnt like these pictures out there? doesnt bush have a brother whos a higher up in the florida government? think the police in florida havent seen that many porn sites? doesnt this sound like chris is getting railroaded? an islamic civil rights group is demanding that the army take legal action against chris. they think it will harm our nations image, particularly in the islamic know.....that place where they hate americans. tough shit muslims. welcome to democracy. its more important that this war be seen than protect some dead muslims while our government tries to hide the war. war should be shown. war is horrific. its the only way people will ever learn that war isnt a good thing regardless of what our government tells us. if you care to make a donation to his defense please go to
by the way he was arrested in a state where on october 1st a law went into effect giving the people of florida the right to use deadly force as a first resort when they feel threatened...even in a public place. welcome to the wild west.

in san antonio a 14 year old boy was arrested tuesday for stabbing his father because.....survey says......he got angry because his father woke him to go to school. someones cranky. i'd cut back his allowance thats for sure. it would be awhile before he got behind the wheel of my car. how long do you ground a kid for that little stunt?
along that same line a 15 year old boy was in serious condition in louisiana after being shot by a 19 year old who mistook him for......survey says......a wild hog. what the worst part of this for the kid? being shot OR being mistaken for a hog? damn, whats that kid eat. hes lucky he didnt get his snout or curly tail shot off.

well kids i'm off to enjoy the weekend....after i do my time here.


ccw said...

That last story is funny, in a sick way. Poor kid, being mistaken for a hog AND shot.

As always... Rachael said...

Or you could just shoot someone and say "What? I thought it was a hog!"

marriedman said...

I think her book should be titled, "I'm a meth addict slut, I haven't told anyone yet, but I gave him a r.j. to calm him down."

what do you think?


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