Monday, October 10, 2005

Cronyism at its finest.......

the more i learn about harriet miers the less i like her. could there possibly be a less qualified candidate put up for supreme court justice ever? she has never set on the bench....anywhere.......EVER. she was quoted as saying that dubya was the smartest man she ever knew. her biggest job (after heading up the dubya fan club) was commissioner of the texas lottery (which i'm sure she wasnt qualified for either). now karl rove is assuring conservatives that she'll vote the way they want her to. isnt it about time that karl rove is called out for the treasonist bastard that he is? makes you wonder whos running this country. you can see karl telling dubya to nominate her because she'll vote like we want. can anyone possibly tell me (with a straight face) that shes the most qualified person in america. arlen specter heads the senate judiciary committee and he says to give her a chance. spoken like a true republican arlen. theres another schmuck that pennsylvania needs to vote out. i sure hope this blows up in the republicans faces and they sart fighting amongst themselves. a republican meltdown would do my heart good.

and in the administrations initiative that "no oilman be left behind" a bill was passed to give money to the oil companies so that they can build more refineries. regardless that the oil companies have made profit this year like never before in history we will give them more money. of course this administration would never put any real money into finding alternative fuel sources....that goes against their oil buddies. i guess we dont need to wonder whos running this country anymore.

its monday....wake up bright eyes.


Patsy Darling said...

Geez I think it's safe to say everyone has heard you rant all about Dubya and wants to hear something else shoesy.

shoes said...

sometimes patsy i have to rant about the bullshit thats going on. i also write about other stuff. you just have to take what you can get