Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or treat.............

a russian woman was sentenced to six years in jail. this isnt uncommon in russia where everyone should be jailed but what is odd is what she was jailed for. and what was she jailed for? survey says..........selling her daughter for 10k. thats right this russian mother of the year was going to sell her six year old daughter even though the undercover cops told her that she would be used for sex and then her organs would be harvested. i cant believe she only got six years for this. at the very least she should be spayed or neutered or whatever you call it.

in spring hill florida the school district takes its security very seriously. they arrested an eleven year old girl. she was showing off a vial of powder that she claimed was glitter. i know, you all are waiting for me to say it was an ounce of blow but alas that isnt the case. when they dumped out the young ladies backpack out fell........survey says...........a butter knife. she was suspended as part of the counties zero tolerance policy. it actually should be refered to as the zero brain cells policy. i guess common sense isnt that common after all.

a michigan chiropractor had his license suspended after being charged with fondling two teenage girls after telling them that their breasts were uneven. the girls age 16 and 17 gave detailed reports of how he fondled them AND as a condition of employment had to submit to spinal adjustments at the beginning and end of each shift. this is also the reason i'm not allowed into most of the strip clubs in the burg. do you think this guy went to school just to molest teenage girls. what a scam. i might just try this out this week.

happy halloween everyone and go steelers

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Angel! said...

It's a bummer I don't have any kids 'cause I could use 10K to pay my bills & reimburse my debts!

What's the difference though between that Russian woman and a young woman here in America who'd carry other couples' unborn child in exchange of thousands of dollars?