Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday, monday...cant trust that day.............

how backward is the state that gave us our president? jose escalante was arrested by houston police because of what he rang up in a store. see, jose works at the adult video megaplex and the store he works at sells some sex toys (ie: vibrators). seems vice officers arrested jose and seized some of the toys. they charged jose with obscenity because he was "in possesion of adult toys with the intent to promote and sell them". his attorney said that the charges are ridiculous because "hes simplt a clerk at the store and the vice cops went in and arrested a clerk for possesion. its absurd". dont count on that mr attorney. i think jose has at least a 50/50 chance of going to jail. what the hell do they think is being sold at the adult video megaplex. what a ridiculous group of laws.

jim bob duggar is 40. his wife, michele, is 39. the just had a little baby girl. what a blessing. as a matter of fact its their 16th blessing and shes thinking of doing it again. in a case of selfish overpopulation they want to have more children. "we both just love children and we consider each a blessing from the lord. i have asked michele if she wants more and she said yes. if the lord wants to give us some she will accept them". what do you expect from someone named jim bob? her vagina must look like the lincoln tunnel by now. who would have guessed they would be crazy religious?

a substitute teacher in lake county was terminated and banned from teaching. not for he usual stuff i report like sleeping with students and such. no, this idiot ripped out a students insulin pump because he thought it was a ringing cell phone. the pump was able to be reinstalled unlike richard maline's career. somehow i think the mr maline will not be getting the florida substitute teacher of the year award.

ok, lets get monday off to a great.......oh , who am i kidding.....lets just try to get through it


ccw said...

That teacher is a complete idiot! Thanks for my morning laugh.

The family with the 16 kids scares me. Good for them, but damn that is a LOT of kids.

Michael K said...

OMG I can't believe it's Monday. GROSS!

BAC said...

To Jim Bob - rain is a blessing from the Lord also, but when we get too much we wear rubbers!