Monday, October 24, 2005

Well, you got me now........

ok everyone heres the news blast. i'm unamerican. apparently i dont like this country. i dont like the war.....or the bible.....or organized religion.....or the republican party....or putting magnetic ribbons on my car......or...well you get my drift. if thats what it takes to be called a real american then count me out. i'm tired of people with a w stickers on their car. dont you know he and his friends are fucking you? this war is a great diversion. gas prices through the ceiling while the companies make record profits and the government gives them tax breaks. does anyone think that its just a coincidence that texas is big oil and bush is from texas? as for the war...bring our troops home. let the iraqis govern themselves. anyone who thinks that fighting this war is going to bring peace is an idiot. wmd's...where are they? wasnt that the reason we went there in the first place? this country wasnt a threat to the united states. saudi arabia is a bigger threat but they've bought the bushes loyalty so we wont go after those animals. i bring this up and all i get is " you dont support the troops". well fuck that. the germans supported their troops too. i actually support the troops i just dont support this administration and wont follow them blindly. i should read the good book? i did. that harry potter is the bomb. oh, you mean the bible. well i dont consider that the good book. its fiction. its not the good book...hell, its not even the ok book. its written poorly and reads like vcr instructions. you think with all the money the vatican has they would hire someone to punch that up a bit. i also hear it ends poorly. organized religion just makes us feel that these priests/preachers/warlocks, whatever you call them, are special men. their not. those men, and i say men because most religions have shut women out, arent any better than you and i (and they may be worse). why a woman would go within thiry five feet of a catholic church is so beyond me. they obviously dont like you. the catholic church has blamed women for everything for all time. didnt a woman get adam to eat the forbidden fruit? wasnt mary magdalene a whore? i guess adam was the first guy to be lead around by his dick. no wonder priests like altar BOYS......they cant stand women. intelligent design is neither intelligent or a design. its the middle fuckin ages is what it is. believe in an invisible man in the sky who will send you down to hell if your bad? how stupid are people? you want to see god look around you. look at nature. animals that can evolve. now thats godly. people that say " i didnt come from no ape" are right. they arent near as evolved as an ape. apes would be offended if those assholes came from them.

so go ahead, label me. i'm an agnostic, a liberal, a peacenik, oh hell, the list goes on and on BUT i'm a thinker. i'll use the brain that god allowed me to evolve to acheive a higher learning. remember, hitler was a devout christian who was put into power by a democratic election.

i rant therefore, i am. go on and enjoy your monday


SRH said...

Now, that is a rant.. therefore you are.

Ranto ergo sum

BAC said...

I would have preferred a simple analysis of the Steelers big win over Cincy, instead I got the RANT OF THE CENTURY. I'm moving you up on my prayer list to #4.

Grampapinhead said...

Man, that was a nice rant. Does this mean the rest of your posts this week will be mellow, now that you got that out?

halcyon67 said...

You Fucking Tell them Shoes.

I am with you. I am sick and tired of being labeled and treated like a second class citizen simply because I don't agree with people.

Fuck them, fuck the bible. I don't care about the Bible. I have my own morals. I don't need some fictional book that has been rewritten and interpreted and changed a thousands times to tell me how to act. I can do that my ownself.

I wonder how these people can wipe their own ass.