Friday, October 21, 2005

Everybodies living for the weekend........

in saint louis a woman was found dead stuck in a window she was trying to crawl through. at first you might think what a shame but then you ask why was she crawling through. she was trying to rob the home. the karma wheel is spinning freely on this one. that is a classic. the police would not give out her name...that would be too embarrassing but they did report that her pants came off in her struggle. way to go boys.

a brdgeport conneticut second grader is the most popular kid in his class....maybe in the whole school district. during a field trip to yale's peabody museum of natural history he brought a treat for the whole class......more than a dozen bags of marijuana. his uncle, the owner of said marijuana, is now the most popular guy in the conneticut penal system. the uncle was charged with possesion with intent to sell (duh!) among other charges. as the old commercials used to say...why do you think they call it dope.

in saint petersburg florida a 93 year old man hit a pedestrian causing said pedestrian to lodge in his windshield. he then drove 3 miles with the pedestrian stuck in his windshield. the pedestrians leg was found at the scene but the driver wasnt stopped until he hit a toll booth with the body sticking out of the windshield. the driver said he thought the body .......survey says.......fell from the sky. is there any good reason why this guy should be allowed to drive....any? pull his license and put him into a home right now.

alright kids the drinking lamp is lit.


BAC said...

God bless you Shoes I needed a good laugh this morning!

FreakinRican said...

Pretty good stories Shoes, but what happened to my friday football fix? Especially after Tommy Maddox's performance last week.

ccw said...

Great finds!

You are absolutely right, elderly people need to be tested yearly. The body fell from the sky??? That's just scary.

As always... Rachael said...

Fell out of the sky huh? Yeah, I think we're all better off that he not be allowed to drive.

Jake and I came over here last night and drunk blogged... sorry about that!