Monday, January 21, 2008

Eight taken to hospital after eating questionable muffins at Que trade school

REPENTIGNY, Que. - Seven students and a teacher are recovering in hospital after consuming baked goods that may have contained a strong concentration of cannabis.
Police in Repentigny, near Montreal, say the class was celebrating the end of a course at a trade school this morning when students began to fall ill. Police spokesman Guy Belair says an 18-year-old student brought the muffins to class.
Belair says the student could face a wide range of charges including drug-related accusations.
The eight people, the majority of them between 16 and 18, were taken to Pierre-Le-Gardeur Hospital in Repentigny, but officials say they're doing well.
Belair says the muffins will be analyzed to determine what exactly the students and teacher ingested.

i remember once when i ate some questionable brownies my buddy made....we went to a concert. it was great. much better than a hospital...........

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