Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Spears shocks shoppers with striptease

Britney Spears stunned sales staff at a Betsey Johnson store in Sherman Oaks, California on Sunday when she stepped out of a fitting room completely naked.
A day before Spears' bizarre antics outside a Los Angeles courthouse cost her visitation rights to her young son for a month, the singer was stripping in front of shoppers.
Spears and her paparazzi boyfriend Adnan Ghalib caused a stir at the upmarket store upon their arrival, and as trendy shoppers watched, Spears grabbed a Betsey Johnson dress and took it to a fitting room.
But when she re-appeared, she wasn't wearing the dress or what she had on when she entered the store.
One store employee who witnessed Spears' shocking display tells Life & Style magazine, "I was blown away. Britney's private parts were right in front of me!
"I grabbed a dress to cover her and she screamed, 'Get away from me! Don't you *****ng come near me!'"
Witnesses allege Spears and Ghalib then spent more than 30 minutes alone in one of the store's fitting rooms before the singer stumbled out, mumbling unintelligibly.
Another employee says, "I couldn't understand a word she was saying. She was slurring and spitting, and talking with a British accent... I wanted to help her, but she was so mean that I left her alone."
The bizarre scene at Betsey Johnson came during a weekend when Spears was spotted out and about with her new man, wearing one of the dresses she wore when she wed Kevin Federline in 2004.
She returned to the area after her bizarre Los Angeles Superior Court antics on Monday for more craziness - she took an army of paparazzi into a nearby church and insisted on sitting in silence for just over two minutes.

anyone else tired of her? just how fucked up do you have to act to knock your pregnant ,underage sister off of the headlines? please go back to the trailer park you crawled out from under....or ,at the very least, o.d. soon.

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