Monday, January 21, 2008

Woman, 53, Uses Martial Arts To Nab Alleged Burglar

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, Fla. -- A Lighthouse Point woman used her skills in martial arts to tackle an alleged burglar after she chased him six blocks.
Margot Foster, 53, arrived home at 2600 block of Northeast Court Friday around 10 a.m. and found a man identified as Gregory St. Germain, 24, ransacking her house, police said. She was able to tackle the suspect outside of her home, but police said he was able to get free.
The marathon runner and black belt in martial arts then chased St. Germain for six or seven blocks until she caught up with him and held him until police arrived, according to patrol Sgt. Alan Nestor of the Lighthouse Point police.

Police said they believe St. Germain, of Miami Gardens, is responsible for a number of burglaries in Lighthouse Point neighborhoods.
He was charged with burglary, battery, possession of stolen property and grand theft and was being held in the Broward County Jail, police said.
how will he posibly be able to she his face in the miami /dade county jail after this. he should be so embarassed by this. a 24 year old gets taken down by a 53 year old woman. for shame.

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