Thursday, January 10, 2008

Australian teen blames dope for theft of 2 crocodiles and monkey

DARWIN, Australia - An Australian teenager blamed the influence of marijuana for his decision to steal two crocodiles and a monkey, news media reported Wednesday.
Benjamin Glen Watts, 19, pleaded guilty in court Tuesday to twice breaking into a wildlife park on the outskirts of the tropical city Darwin last July, Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio reported on its website. Watts said he planned to sell the stolen baby crocodiles and the marmoset but had been unable to find buyers, ABC reported.
Crocodylus Park spokesman Grahame Webb said Wednesday the animals were returned unharmed.
Watts' lawyer told the court his client admitted it was a "dumb stoner" thing to do and had written to Crocodylus Park to apologize.
Magistrate Greg Cavanagh sentenced Watts to a three-month suspended sentence. Watts has been counselled for his marijuana use since the thefts.
A court official was not immediately available for comment.

ok the reality is that i smoked alot of weed in my youth (trust me, it was alot). never once did i think about stealing 2 crocodiles and a monkey. sure, i ate two boxes of hoho's (those delicious little nymphs) but never did i think about stealing two crocodiles and a monkey.

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