Friday, January 25, 2008

Spectator sues Blue Man Group over antics

CHICAGO -- Audience participation is a staple of the Blue Man Group. But apparently, one audience member attending the Chicago show believes cast members took their surreal antics too far by forcing a video camera down his throat during a performance in October 2006.James Srodon of California filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the group.In the lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court, Srodon says the Blue Man actors used the "esophagus cam" to project an image of Srodon's mouth and throat onto a large screen for the audience's amusement.The lawsuit alleges the Blue Man actors circled him, held his neck and arms and "forced his head back" to insert the camera. It claims he was restrained from removing the camera from his mouth."At the time the 'esophagus cam' was inserted into plaintiff's mouth, it was covered in food, liquid and grime from the Briar Street Theatre floor, including the thick blue paint used to cover the actors' faces," the lawsuit said.Named as defendants in the suit are Blue Man Productions Inc., theater owner Fox Theatricals and related companies. Blue Man and Fox officials could not be reached for comment.Srodon is seeking damages of more than $50,000 for battery, negligence and negligent infliction of emotional distress. He contends the camera injured his mouth, throat and dental work.

'esophagus cam' ? wtf. what kind of show are they doing here?

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WolfWitch said...

Check out their video. It's a gag about "getting close to your audience". In any case- there is no "esophagus cam". They take a small camera and hold it up to the audience member's mouth, and then cut to a video from a real esophagus cam. It's actually pretty corny (which I'm sure is its intent).

The guy presenting the lawsuit is a scammer, plain and simple. It's fraud.