Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Woman Arrested in Car Fire, Suggests Boyfriend "Get Marshmellows"

A Chattanooga woman was arrested over the weekend in connection with a car fire at 4507 Terra Vista Drive. The incident began around 4:30 a.m. 51-year-old Gayle Winfrey was apparently angry with her boyfriend, who according to investigators, was more interested in sleeping than in participating in the argument. Lieutenant Anthony Moore with the Fire Investigation Division said Ms. Winfrey decided to set fire to her boyfriend's car, using gasoline and a stick of incense. The details all came out in a confession shortly after the fire. After setting the car on fire, Ms. Winfrey said she went back to her boyfriend, telling him that he "might want to get some marshmallows." When he still showed no interest in getting up, Ms. Winfrey evidently panicked and tried to put the fire out with a small fire extinguisher, but by that time the flames were just too intense. Chattanooga firefighters arrived moments later and quickly put the fire out, but the car was considered a total loss. Lt. Moore charged Ms. Winfrey with Reckless Endangerment and Setting Fire to Personal Property. She was then transported to the county jail for booking.

heres one of the few people who realize their mistake and regret it very quickly. most of these stories end with the woman trying to light her newport off of the burning car but this broad tried to put it out. shes showed some remorse. great comment though regarding the marshmallows.

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