Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Child molester inmate dies after choking on hot dog

ATWATER, Calif. (AP) Prison officials say a convicted child molester and kidnapper died last month after choking on a hot dog.
Forty-five-year-old Frederick Fretz was serving a 20-year sentence at the federal penitentiary in Atwater.
Prison spokesman Jesse Gonzalez says medics tried to remove the hot dog from Fretz's throat before taking him to a Merced hospital. He was pronounced dead on Dec. 19.
According to The Orlando Sentinel, Fretz pleaded guilty in 2005 to kidnapping an 11-year-old boy from Marion County, Fla.

if you believe in karma then this story is for you. oh the irony.


Gina said...

it would have been more ironic if his name had been Frederick Frank.



sweet*catastrophe said...

lol. that is quite ironic.