Friday, January 04, 2008

Hoax nuke blast seen on TV weather

PRAGUE, Czech Republic (AP) -- Members of a Czech art group who hacked into television broadcasting with images of a hoax nuclear explosion were charged and will have to stand trial, a state prosecutor said Thursday.

The six members of the Prague-based Ztohoven group were charged last month with spreading false information and face up to three years in jail if convicted, said Dusan Ondracek, the state prosecutor in the northern town of Trutnov, who is in charge of the case.
The trial could begin by the end of January, Ondracek said.

let me get this straight.....hackers who inserted a fake nuclear explosion into the background of a weathercam scene are now facing criminal charges and may soon feel the downside of having things forcibly inserted where they don't belong......oh, how the karma wheel spins......

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