Monday, January 21, 2008

Tom Cruise used Scientology to detox 911 rescuers

Tom Cruise has branded the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) liars for saying the air was clean after 9/11.
The 'Mission Impossible' star has revealed how, as a Scientologist, he recognised there was a problem and provided rescue workers in the aftermath of the New York terrorist attack with detoxification therapy based upon the works of Scientologist founder L. Ron Hubbard.
In a new clip from his leaked Scientology promotional video, Tom said: "The EPA came out and said the air was clean. Of course, as a Scientologist you go, that's a lie. Outright lie. Liar. Fine.
"Finally you say, dammit, just go there and do it. Put it there, let's go, here's the money, let's go. Let's just get one person treated. I can't sleep another night.
"We have tools that we can apply to ourselves and apply to others. You're going to get improvements. Period."
The 45-year-old star claims Scientologists "are the authorities" and need no permission to take action.
He said: "A Scientologist is somebody who can look at the world and really see it for what it is. And not just see it but be able to go 'pow' and actually do something about it. And be somebody who is not asking permission to do that. Why ask permission? We are the authorities."
Tom, wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri have been spending a lot of time in New York this week with actor Jerry Seinfeld and his wife Jessica.
In December, Seinfeld revealed: "I did some Scientology courses about 30 years ago. I didn't do very much. I don't know that much, I just did a little but I liked it."
But a representative for the 'Bee Movie' star said: "He is not studying Scientology in any way at this time. He did attend a course 30 years ago that he found interesting but he is Jewish and not changing his religion or faith in any direction.
"Jerry and Tom Cruise both have homes in Telluride, Colorado, which is their connection."
after seeing this video does anyone (whos not a scientologist) think that tom isnt crazy. do any of you doubt that scientology is just mind control and a cult. kooky i tells ya.

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