Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christ in a Potato?

A Houston woman and her husband have discovered what she says appears to be the image of a crucifix in a potato. Last weekend, Dawn Roth-Ehlinger and her husband were grilling hamburgers and frying potatoes for friends during a backyard cookout, when they noticed something odd while preparing the French fries. As Dawn's husband sliced a potato, he says he saw a pattern reveal itself which appeared to be images of Christ and the crucifix in three different sections of the edible tuber. Sightings of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and other religious figures have been commonplace in recent years. Check out our photo gallery of other strange (or miraculous) occurrences and tell us what you think!

god used to look so much better. in the old days he was a burning bush, now.....hes a rotten tater. such a shame. he needs a new p.r. team. how long before that potato shoes up on ebay?

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