Monday, January 28, 2008

Woman Punched Horse, Say Police

TAMPA - A 26-year-old Tampa woman was arrested this morning, accused of punching a police horse outside an Ybor City nightclub.

The incident started at about 3 a.m., according to an arrest affidavit. That's when three police officers riding horses were trying to clear a crowd from around officers arresting people who had been outside Club Prana, 1619 E. Seventh Ave.
Angelica Rene Ayala grabbed the reins of a horse called "Buddy" and punched the horse on the neck, the report states.
Ayala was charged with an offense against a police animal, a first-degree misdemeanor, jail records state.
There were two other reports of offenses against police animals that happened Saturday night around Bayshore Boulevard and South Orleans Avenue, according to jail records.
Rick Keller, 46, and Sendhil Kumar Krishnan, 28, both of Tampa, were charged with offenses against police animals.
Ayala, Keller and Krishnan were released today after each posted $500 bail.
i could be wrong but it looks like the horse punched her back. she must be a real keeper for some poor slob.............

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