Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Man Shot While Moving Into Girlfriend's House

SAN ANTONIO -- A man moving into his girlfriend’s home Monday evening will have to wait a bit longer before settling in his new residence.
The unidentified man was allegedly shot by the woman’s ex-husband, who police said went to the scene on the 3700 block of Crossette Road and brandished a pistol.
“The boyfriend was moving in, the ex-husband moving out, they got into a confrontation when they happened to run across each other,” San Antonio police Sgt. Mark Hubbard said. “At that time, the ex-husband pulled a weapon, firing one shot and striking the boyfriend in the abdomen."

this seems like a timing problem more than anything. couldnt this boyfriend wait one day to move in? he had to do that day? maybe he deserved to be shot......

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