Monday, January 14, 2008

Woman Uses Cooler To Fight Off Gunman

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When a man pointed a gun at her faced demanded her purse, a terrified woman armed only with a small cooler she used to carry her lunch to work managed to scare off the attacker.
"My stomach's still shaking right now," Pamela Corpuz said.
Corpuz was getting out of her car to go home Thursday night when a man pulled a gun.

"A gun ... pointed at my left eye. And I said, 'No, if you were going to shoot me, you would have already shot me,'" Corpuz told Channel 4's Adam Landau.
Not willing to give up her purse without a fight, she used the only thing she had as a weapon.
"I reach up and went like this (pushed the gun aside), and just took the lunchbox and just clocked him with it, and off he ran," Corpuz said.
Police officers said it's not normally a good idea to fight back when they are confronted by a criminal with a gun.
"I believe that she did it out of instinct -- not out of trying to be a hero or trying to get into a gunfight with a lunchbox," Jacksonville Sheriff's Office spokesman Ken Jefferson said. "In this case, she won."
In hindsight, Corpuz agreed with that advice.

"Thinking about it two hours later, I could have been shot," Corpuz said. "That's not a good thing."
Police continue to search for the gunman and two other men Corpuz said were in a getaway car during the robbery attempt.

what kind of robber gets run off by a woman with a lunchbox. for christs sake, he had a gun. in the hierarchy of weapons he wins. time to look for a new career loser.

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