Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Manhunt nabs Great Falls shoplifter

Police in Great Fall tell us that they used a K9 unit and a helicopter to track down a man who was suspected of shoplifting at a local store.
Officers say Kyle Clayton, 40, tried to shoplift some merchandise at K Mart when an employee confronted him. Clayton then allegedly assaulted the worker and took off on foot.
The employee was able to give officers a good description of Clayton and within 10 minutes police set up a perimeter with seven patrol cars, a K9 unit and the Customs Boarder Patrol helicopter was also launched.
Clayton was quickly arrested and is now facing charges of robbery, theft and assault. He's currently being held behind bars in the Cascade County jail.

all this for a shoplifter huh. crime in montana must be prety light .....or maybe its light because this si how they go after petty criminals. i cant imagine what they do to real criminals. i hope that after all this high tech wizardry they find him guilty....then stone him

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