Monday, January 21, 2008

Soldier 'handcuffed, assaulted with vibrator'

A SOLDIER thought he was in for a night of sexual adventure when he let a woman handcuff him but instead she assaulted him because she thought he had wronged her, a Perth court has been told.
Nicola Clunies-Ross went on trial in the West Australian District Court today accused of luring her Darwin-based soldier lover to her Perth home on October 28, 2006.
She has pleaded not guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm, aggravated sexual penetration without consent and deprivation of liberty.
Prosecutor Amanda Burrows told the jury today that Ms Clunies-Ross believed her 19-year-old lover had wronged her and was lying about an ex-girlfriend and may have had hepatitis C.
Ms Clunies-Ross lured him to her flat, told him she had a surprise for him, ordered him to strip and handcuffed him to a chair.
"He consented to being constrained at that point in time. He thought he was in for a night of sexual adventure," Ms Burrows said.
But instead, a champagne-sipping Ms Clunies-Ross smiled at the man and told him "I am going to destroy you", Ms Burrows said.
Then her longer-term boyfriend Peter Gurdulic, also a 19-year-old Darwin-based soldier, arrived with a big vibrator which she used on her victim in a one-hour ordeal.
The court was told the long-term boyfriend took photos and short videos of the attack and threatened to publish them on an army computer hard drive, accessible to all soldiers, if the victim did not do what he was told.
Ms Burrows said the man fled in a taxi after being released. He reported the assault to police in Darwin after seeking advice from a senior officer.
In pre-recorded evidence, made before he deployed to Iraq, the victim said Clunies-Ross smiled during his ordeal, during which Gurdulic brandished a large knife and the pair hit him across his kidneys.
"I yelled quite loud but being gagged it wouldn't come out," he said.
In a police interview Clunies-Ross denied the attack was a form of payback and admitted holding the vibrator near his anus.
Clunies-Ross' lawyer Jeremy Scudds said she denied actually penetrating her restrained lover.
Mr Scudds said she was scared of Gurdulic but had no idea what would happen when the unstable man arrived at her flat, angry that his fellow soldier had "whiteanted" him and then made a move on Clunies-Ross.
"He was the type of man who was domineering and controlling," he said.
Gurdulic was found dead in unsuspicious circumstances at Leeuwin Barracks in November 2006 after being charged over the alleged attack.

this was really "not his lucky day". as a soldier i think he would have been prepared to fend off a viscious vibrator attack but have been cuffed he was screwed..................literally.

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