Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cedar Rapids police officer stripped of duties

CEDAR RAPIDS - A Cedar Rapids police officer will never wear a law enforcement uniform anywhere again, according to an agreement between the officer and the government.The agreement is part of a guilty plea Kevin Sims, 36, made to a federal misdemeanor charge Friday in U.S. District Court.He admitted that while he was on duty as a police officer, he intentionally denied a citizen of rights provided by the Constitution when they had consensual sexual relations following a traffic stop.Sims admitted he was a patrol officer in spring 2004 when he stopped at a bar about 1 a.m. to conduct a bar check. While there he greeted a woman he knew from previous bar checks.A half-hour after Sims conducted the bar check, he used the emergency lights on his police car to stop the woman as she drove down Center Point Road. He did not alert the dispatcher he had stopped a vehicle as required by police department policy.When Sims approached the woman, she told him she had a suspended license. Normal procedures required Sims to take her identification and call the dispatcher to verify her driving status. Instead, Sims took her to Daniels Park.At the park Sims and the woman had intimate relations while Sims was still on duty, in his police uniform with his firearm still in his holster.The woman voluntarily engaged in the acts believing that by doing so she would escape any criminal charges. Sims did not arrest the woman and did not issue a citation for driving on a suspended license. He did not report the traffic stop to the dispatcher or his supervisor.In 2007, when Sims was interviewed about the incident by two FBI agents, he denied involvement. Later, when the agents presented more information, he admitted he had sexual relations with the woman.Sims will be sentenced by Judge Jon Scoles following completion of a presentence report by the probation office.He faces up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine. Scoles released Sims without bail to await sentencing.

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