Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Officers Arrest Naked Driver after Chase

An overnight high-speed chase in the capital city ends with an awkward arrest for officers -- a naked man behind the wheel.
The pursuit ended in a collision just before 4:00 Sunday morning near the intersection of Medgar Evers Boulevard and Martin Luther King Drive.
Jackson Police Department Assistant Chief Ron Sampson said police were alerted to an SUV hitting two vehicles after leaving a nightclub in the Medgar Evers area.
A witness said the SUV with decal artwork was traveling about 70 miles per hour down Martin Luther King Drive. The fleeing SUV then crashed into a white SUV.
James Ford witnessed the crash and said he was most shocked when officers pulled the suspect from the wrecked SUV.
"When they pulled him, out he was butt naked," Ford said. "I've never seen anything like it."
No injuries were reported.
Sampson said Carlos Singleton, 27, was taken into custody after fleeing officers in the buff. Singleton was arrested on outstanding misdemeanor warrants and disorderly conduct.
Other charges may be pending.

way to go asshole. not exactly a stealth car is it? and you, the worst part is that he crashed into another car. i hope those people are ok. this goes right to my belief that the cops should be allowed to shoot anyone trying to outrun them. your driving around in a two ton lethal weapon.

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