Friday, January 25, 2008

Men arrested on drug charges after tailgating cop

Two men carrying marijuana and $14,000 in cash were arrested on Interstate 65 late Wednesday after tailgating a sheriff's deputy, authorities said.Tyrone Gales and Andrew Ashley were arrested on drug charges after Bartholomew County Sheriff's Deputy Kris Weisner stopped to assist them near the Taylorsville exit on Interstate 65 at about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday.Weisner said Gales and Ashley had been tailgating him and he slowed to let their vehicle pass.However, they never passed, and Weisner said he slowed down and changed lanes to let the vehicle get ahead of him.The vehicle stopped, and Weisner pulled over to offer assistance.He said he noticed they switched drivers, and when he made contact he smelled an odor of burnt marijuana.One of the vehicle's occupants, Andrew Ashley, gave consent for Weisner to search the vehicle.Weisner's police dog, Futar, alerted him to the center armrest and dash, where marijuana particles were located in a cup holder and half a joint was found under the driver's seat.A search of the car turned up a duffle bag containing $13,230 in cash and 5 grams of marijuana.An additional amount of $1,515 was taken when the pair was booked into jail.

on my list of things to not do while transporting my dope tailgating is awfully high. just sayin is all........

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