Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Man accidentally shoots himself during robbery, police say

KOKOMO - Kokomo police say a man accidentally shot himself in the groin as he was robbing a convenience store.A clerk told police a man carrying a semiautomatic handgun entered the Village Pantry this morning demanding cash and a pack of cigarettes. The clerk put the cash in a bag and as she turned to get the cigarettes, she heard the gun discharge.Police say surveillance video shows the man shooting himself as he placed the gun in the waistband of his pants. The clerk wasn't injured.A short time later, police found 25-year-old Derrick Kosch at a home with a gunshot wound to his right testicle and lower left leg. He was expected to have surgery at a hospital.Police plan to charge him with armed robbery.

ok, he broke some robbery rules. 1. dont take the safety off your gun unless you plan to use it. 2. dont discharge it accidentally. 3. absolutely do not, for any reason ever, shoot yourself in the balls. i cant stress that third one enough. actually rule three is a pretty good rule anytime in your life.

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