Thursday, January 03, 2008

Family Sees Virgin Mary On Living Room Wall

A New Mexico family is counting its blessings after it discovered an image of the Virgin Mary on their living room wall, reported KOAT-TV in Albuquerque, N.M.
Donna Quintana, of Meadow Lake, N.M., said it's a much-needed blessing that appeared right before her family's eyes Christmas Eve. Her husband saw it first.
"He noticed an image there. He said, 'That looks like an image of the Virgin Mary,'" Quintana said.
She said the image appeared during a home construction mishap. Quintana said her husband was putting a special texture on the wall. The spray bottle he was using broke twice, which meant the texture couldn't be wiped off fast enough. This is how it dried.
"I feel like it's telling us something, like it's protecting us," Quintana said. "It's like a miracle."
Her family concurs.
"I think God is trying to tell us something, like a message from heaven," said Mariah Quintana, Donna Quintana's granddaughter.
Quintana said the last three years they've been living in the house, dealing with difficult times. She this is a sign that the new year will bring positive change. She has no plans to change the wall.

sure it could be mary...or barney...or....whatever, you get my drift. looks like mary is starting the new year off right. at least shes where the weather is warm though she needs a better artist. why do i always get the feeling that if it was mary she would just show up in person. i understand that she knows people who could make that happen (her friends got some juice)....

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