Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Family Back Living At Airport?

MILWAUKEE - It's a strange story that's gets even stranger. A Bosnian family allegedly living at Milwaukee's airport.Back on Christmas Day Tatjana Voloder and her family were in the airport baggage claim, where they had lived for more than a week, but then they mysteriously disappeared - for days. Until Sunday.We caught up with Voloder at a Walgreens drug store near the airport. Several viewers called our newsroom saying she was there.Voloder said she left the airport because of illness. "I'm so sick, my mom's sick too, and my son he's not ok too," Voloder said.It was Christmas day when we first found the family living in the baggage area at Mitchell International. She said the family had been there for 8 days. They claimed they lost their tickets to Kansas City. Voloder now says she is not trying to get to Kansas City. "No, I will stay here, because I have a chance for this apartment," Voloder said.Now the Bosnian family says they are living at a hotel near the airport - although we couldn't confirm that. An airport employee said as of Sunday morning the family was still living in the baggage claim area.If true, that's illegal. The sheriff's department doesn't want them at the airport and has offered to take the family to a shelter. Despite the offers to help, Voloder is reluctant to accept. "It's a very difficult experience for me. It's very difficult," Voloder said.There is another strange twist. New Berlin police told us they wanted to talk to the family about harassing calls to a local Bosnian priest. Voloder says she has talked with authorities, but police wouldn't confirm that.

does this give you any idea of how terrible bosnia must be. shit, i dont want to be in the airport for a layover. i mean, really, can bosnia be that bad...........

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