Monday, May 02, 2005

Runaway bride.....?

runaway bride my ass. psycho...ok i'll except that. now i think we all can agree that there is something just a little off kilter with this woman. what, you couldnt just tell him you dont want to get married. every guy that i know who is getting married gets the same talk. "dude, if you leave now i'll give you ten minutes and i'll walk out and explain. you can even use my car. sure some people will be pissed forever, some for a little while but in the long run people will forget and you'll have a great story to tell". see how easy that is. no one has ever got mad at me for bringing it up (a few are mad for not taking me up on the offer). shouyld this woman get charged with something....of course. she had a whole city looking for her. she should at least be forced to see a shrink regarding her unstableness.

the one who intrigues me though is the boyfriend. dude , dont tell me your going to marry this broad. this is the kind of woman who kills the kids for attention. this is the kind of chick who just up and leaves you and the kids. are you that needy? is her pussy that good? you come from money . there has got to be chicks lining up to take half your shit in five years. look, let me save you some heartache. find a woman you hate and buy her a house at least then you cut out the lawyers fees.

this is a good lesson for all men. a marriage contract is the worst deal for a man ever. lets put this in persapective. if your best friend came to you and said he wanted you to sign a contract saying you would be his best friend forever but if you ever decided not to be his best friend you had to give him half of everything you have would you sign that? of course you wouldnt but pussy makes men do strange things like change their religion or get married.....etc.

let me leave you on this note. remember, no matter how hot she is or how smart she is or how rich she is ...somewhere....theres a guy whos glad shes gone.

now go ...and sin no more.


ERL said...

i canNOT believe that #1 this woman is still walking around in normal society - hell you can see her insanity in her eyes. she's crazy. and #2 that her fiancee is still going to marry her. apparently he too deserves to be put in lockdown.

Michael K said...

HAHHA shoes...that shit was funny. And erl yes, that bitch has robot eyes. She is straight up crazy!

ZETAZEN said...

Now that's funny and so are the comments.....I think he only said he wanted to still marry her because he was trying to save face.....but from what I read his dad is like whoa...hold on...take it slow....I think in the end he's not going to marry her...especially now that we know she STEALS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you've got issues, your poor kids and wife(X2). why are you so angry?
get help asap befor your next child is born..........

shoes said...

i've got issues? try coming in with anything but anonymous. tell me one thing i said that isnt true on that post...i didnt even embellish much on this post.