Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Clowns, clowns and more clowns

in riverside california a man dressed as a clown assaulted two girls ages 12 and 14. when are we going to realize that men dressed as clowns (with the exception of the shriners) are dangerous? what man wants to put on all that makeup? i'll tell you who....a molester. when are we going to learn this lesson? how many serial murderers and rapists do we have to put down? i keep my kids away from clowns unless i know them. and when are we going to catch on to the fact that men who assault children CANNOT be rehabilitated? every single time you hear about a kid being assaulted or raped or kidnapped or killed its always by someone who served time for the same thing before. cut thier nuts off, fry them...hell i dont care what we do as long as we do something. people who prey on children and the elderly must be dealt with severely.

now that we found out where the finger in the wedys chili has come from can we put this behind us and get down to the rela problem here....LAWYERS. if it wasnt for these two legged leaches there wouldnt be half of the frivilous lawsuits you see. they go on tv and tell people that" they dont have to pay upfront" and that "we'll get money for you". companies settle with these assholes because they drag it out and it is not cost effective to fight them. more companies would fight if the complaintant and their lawyer had to pay court fees if they lost. i think wendys should file suit against the lawyer who brought the suit against them over that finger. i think the lawyer should have done some sleuthing before bringing the suit and costing wendys so much with the bad publicity.

dave chappelle says hes sane. that he is only relaxing in south africa. WHAT? what black man goes to south africa ever much less to relax? when did south africa become a haven for the black man? isnt that the country that brought us sun city? the resort for whites only. sure dave, your not crazy.

demi moore said ashton kusher is a little too fast in the sack. this is the funniest news ever. i wish i knew him so i could cll him up and jerk him around. its like he was punked by demi. damn i wish i could do a episode of punked on his ass. imagine the shit he's taking right now over this little tidbit. if ever you could condone a little abuse this would be the case. this has robert blake and o.j. shaking their heads. those two killed women and they never questioned there sexual prowess. and somewhere bruce willis is laughing his ass off. she never said that about him. i hope every time people see ashton they call him quicky.

ok, i've taken enough of your time. thanks for reading. i actually wonder how many people read this blog anyway.


beans said...

i read it now, after stumbling on it from madison's

SRH said...

yours is one of the myriad of blogs I read daily

breakerslion said...

You are fast becoming one of my favorites, and that has nothing to do with your post to me. It's all you. Thanks!

sodajerk said...

same as what beans said.