Thursday, May 12, 2005

The rolling stones on tour........oh great

well it appears that even though they havent been relevant for a couple of years the rolling stones are going to go out this summer on their amercan tour (money grab). really, is this needed? they arent what they used to be folks. just get yourself a greatest hits album, put on your headphones, get your spliff and enjoy that. you know the seats are going to be priced outrageously. have you seen the boys lately. mick and keith look like my grandmother. they are do dried out and wrinkled that it looks like someone stuck a straw in them and drained them. dont get me wrong i like the stones but they havent made anything good in years. retire gracefully boys...your already in the hall of fame

is tupac really dead? this guy puts out a new cd every year. he was this prolific when he was alive. if his success continues rappers will be killing themselves like crazy to boost sales. of course biggie hasnt done so well in death so maybe the afterlife isnt a great sales venue after all.

cops in this country are tasering people like crazy. dont get me wrong, i think most people deserve it. i dont carry one for just that reason. i would taser people all day (my kids included). you dont want to be tasered? then heres some rules. when a cop says stop...stop. when a cop tells you to pull it. there are two appropriate answers when speaking to a cop.....yes sir and no sir. thats it. the answer to the question "you think that badge makes you tough" is YES. if you are going to act like an asshole you better carry your camcorder 24/7.

now go and be happy. the weeks almost over. dont make me take this belt off kids

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