Monday, May 23, 2005

Maybe mom needs a sex ed class

thre sisters in the uk ages 12, 14 and 16 all got pregnant within three months of each and the funny part is that mom blames the school. before you come to any conclusions lets hear a little more regarding this family. the 12 year old gave birth a son....named t-jay. say no more. the 16 year old , who has had two miscarriages and one abortion previously was next and gave birth to amani. are you starting to get a better picture of this family. they live in a three bedroom home supplied by the government but mom is complaining that its a little too small for their needs. mom blames the lack of good sex education in the schools. well mom, heres some facts. your daughters are little sluts bordering on little whores. wouldnt it have been cheaper getting them all on the pill. maybe you could have taught some sex ed at home instead of leaving it up to the incompetant schools. the problem with people today is that nobody want to accept responsibility for their actions. its easier to blame someone else. stick around , i'm sure mom will be sueing someone soon.

the question comes up every year......should old people be forced to retake the drivers test. the answer is yes. in birdsboro pennsylvania a 90 year old man wrecked his car during a funeral procession. you know how fast the funeral processions go and how you really need to make split second decisions. he had on a new pair of shoes and said he thought he was hitting the brakes. i've driven in different shoes and have never made that mistake. what did he have his feet on backwards.remember these are people who have trouble working the remote control. he should have his license pulled. old people should have to be tested yearly after 60. that seems to be the magic number when they start to be a hazard on the road. most of the old people never kill themselves but seem to knock off others at an alarming rate. the problem is that old people vote and old people are in office so it will never happen.

in a last gasp for insanity a st, louis mo. man named oran ambus wont have his dog nuetered. his dog got out of his yard and was picked up by the dog catcher. the law there says to get him back he needs to be nuetered. oran doesnt want that because...........his dog wont get into heaven. thats right....heaven. laugh if you must but go and read leviticus chapter 22 and you will be schooled. apparently an invisible man in the sky will get mad if you alter the dog. missouri...wasnt that a red state. thank god the republicans are catering to the religious right. this is the kind of man who should be picking our president.

good luck thinking today with this shit rattling around in your head.


madison's favorite son said...

"invisible man in the sky." every posting has a litle gem like this.

adrock2xander said...

My twin brother...found...on the other side of the world!


gabsmash said...

you kill me. i got the whole story as soon as I read "T Jay." classic.

Grampapinhead said...


sodajerk said...

just a wee bit more on the mother of the year.she is twice divorced,and none of her kids are from either marriage.

i still blame the schools though,oh yes.