Friday, May 06, 2005

Dave Chappelle....what happened to you dude.

the chappelle show was put on hold by comedy central. my understanding is that chappelle, who is a muslim, is now having some remorse over some of his skits. can this possibly be true? if so, i have lost respect for him. i really liked chappelle for his ability to point out all the screwed up shit about whites AND blacks. most of the time, like chris rock, he tells it like it is. NOW hes getting religious! cmon dave your too smart to fall for that religious shit. what they wouldnt let you do cabballah. and not only that but he finally has a chance at a big payday and he blows it. dave, come back to your senses. religion is make believe. put down the spliff and start to think .

along that same line, according to the pittsburgh post gazette, darwinism is under attack in kansas. who wants to bet that kansas was a red state. i would like to seal that whole state in a plastic bag until everyone suffocates. i know, your worried for me because someone from kansas might read this and get mad at me. not to worry. i'm not sure anyone from that state is smart enough to read (except maybe the bible). this is so insane. wasnt this settled in the forties. that state is two years from trying to vote back slavery back in. i wonder how many people from kansas think that the earth is flat and that the sun revolves around the earth. i hate organized religion.

and in another incredible show of stupidity benton harbor superintendent paula dawning has stopped the band from mccord middle school from playing the song louie louie at a parade or some such nonsense. first off no one in the world is exactly sure of the words in that song and those middle schoolers sure didnt know them....but they are looking them up now. nothing intrigues a young adults interest like a good banning. hey paula , you better be on the lookout for elvis and beatle songs. god forbid these kids start swing their hips or growing long hair (goddamn hippies). kids dont play louie might warp your little minds. now go home and turn on mtv2. those rappers seem like such nice men.

well my brain just exploded. its friday advice is to start drinking heavy now.


blue1aqua1 said...

Do they not have cable out there. There is way more crazy stuff on tv like nipples!

J.A. Coppinger said...

Hey, now! I happen to be quite the fan of nipples! In fact, I think TV needs more of them. With two (at least) per woman in the country that's several million nipples out there I have yet to see.( I was hopeful there for a while after the Janet SuperBowl but the damn FCC cut that roll off before it got started.)

If it was up to me, I'd get 'em all on FX by next Tuesday!


thorngrubber said...

nipples are nice.
d'ya think these guys (dave, head)
are making a statement as a safety mechanism induced by fear?

vjack said...

The thing with Dave Chappelle has to be a publicity stunt. I just can't believe that he is going to go find religion and walk away from the show. I should note that I am probably the only person in the world who doesn't much care for Dave. I think they should fire his ass and give Charlie Murphy his own show.