Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ok. we made a mistake on this kid

anyone remember lionel tate. he was the 12 year old that in 2000 killed a 6 year old and was sentenced to life in prison. his lawyer argued at the time that he was only mimicing the wrestling moves he saw on tv. his conviction was overturned in 2004 and then he pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was allowed to go home with his mother to serve a year of house arrest followed by ten years on probation. i know, you'd all like a happy ending here but alas its not to be. the little boy has grown to an 18 year old criminal. he was arrested in fort lauderdale for the second time.....this time for holding up a pizza delivery man with a gun. he is currently being held in broward county jail on charges of armed burglary with battery, armed robbery and violation of probation. when do we admit our mistake and throw him back in the slammer for life. who will this societal misfit have to kill to get put away for good. its time to cull the herd folks. this kid will never be rehabilitated. he will be a major drain on society on top of ruining some families lives by killing someone they love. by the way his lawyer ,richard rosenbaum, said "lionels not guilty. he just needs a chance to change his life". didnt he get that when they overturned his life sentence. he should be let out and made to live right next door to his attorney. lets see what richie rosenbaum says then.

while we are at it lets point out the inequities of christianity. the saint jude educational institute in montgomery alabama did not allow honor student alysha cosby to go to commencements because she got pregnant to another boy in the class. yes, he was allowed to go to commencements. she did end up going and sitting in the audience. after the last name was called she stood up announced her name and walked across the stage....after which cosby, her mother and her aunt were escorted from the church by police. now this girl could have had an abortion but being a good christian she didnt....and the church punished her anyway. and in typical church fashion nothing happened to the boy. she was told not to come back to school. she was allowed to finish her work at home. the school said it had safety concerns even though her doctor gave a written note that said she could go to school for six more months. this is so typical of organized religions. first, they dont want you to have an abortion but they want nothing to do with you when you decide to have the child. the next time the church will care about that child is when it gets a job and is able to give them money....then that child will be welcomed into the fold. and lets blame the girl for everything. if you dont want her in school because it advertises promiscuity then the boy should be tossed too. its only fair...he had a hand in it. you know if people quit giving money to churches they would dry up and blow away .....and our lives would be better.

a pimp named jason itzler has got caught pimping and has thrown out a name of someone famous to get some attention. who'd he throw under the bus......adam duritz of counting crows. he states that adam spent ten to twenty thousand to have four or five women for a night. first off adam can afford it. its his choice. what man wouldnt want four or five great looking call girls for a night. he doesnt need a realtionship he just wants wild sex and what better way to get it. no dinner, no drinks, no games. come to my room, have sex with me and then leave. it is said that you dont pay a hooker for sex your paying her to leave. and make no mistake these arent common crack whores they are high class call girls. their clean, smell good....a class act all around. on the other hand a pimp by any other name still smells as bad. this jason itzler is an asshole for spilling a name. have fun it up

ponder those for awhile and see how your day goes


Betty said...

the law protects the law breakers not the victims. It's no different here, someone can steal loads of cash and get house arrest and not have to pay any of the stolen money back. A guy kills his commonlaw wife...beat her to death with a baseball bat in a drunken rage, he pleas guilty for manslaughter and gets 10 years, out in 4. It's a mad world!

Men must have made the rules at st. jude. That's all I will say on that.

and Jason Itzler, well he realized that money talks.

As always... Rachael said...

Christian hypocrisy? No way? Really?

Sure men made the rules, but christian women can be the meanest snakes themselves. Gender aside, what shocks me is that out of the all the people in charge of the decision to boot her, not one of them said, "hey, graduation is about academics." It pisses me off.