Saturday, May 14, 2005

Cops, cops and more cops

i love the show cops. if you have seen it (and i cant believe anyone hasnt) it is a must see. it points out all the good and bad of that job. first and foremost you see alot of the crap that cops put up with on an everyday just know that sometimes after they have been led on a car chase, had the little assholes jump out while the car is still moving and then have to chase them that they wish the cameras werent there. i'm sure some of these jerkoffs would resist a little more....if you get my drift. the show is wonderfully predictable. all the men are wearing wife beater t-shirts. everyone smokes. the really bizarre part is that all these people sign releases to show their faces. nothing is more attractive than large, sweaty people are taken down, tazered and then cuffed. look ma , i'm on tv. god bless america. i really like when afterwards the cops all stand around laughing at the people the just caught. the best are the prostitution stings. people who drive nice cars throug the worst part of that city and when the cops pull them over throw out every lame excuse they can.
cop... "what are you doing down here? you dont live anywhere near here."
perp.."i'm visiting a friend."
cop...."oh yeah, wherres he live."
perp.."i cant remember."
this is how it goes over and over. i feel like going there and beating those people with a night stick. i think every high school kid should have to watch this just so you know how to act to a cop. trust me , it will save you a rodney kinglike beating down the road.

which leads me onto this topic,while we are here. there are entirely too many police chases anymore. they are so common that some cities televise them (l.a.). heres the solution. herd these criminals onto a highway and have a sharpshooter blow them away from an overpass. get them to where ever you have blocked traffic and cleared out civilians. then boom ,you kill them. i know , boo hoo, i'm such a bad man but these assholes are driving three ton dangerous weapons around...running lights, going the wrong way....etc. KILL THEM. you probably only have to do this a couple of times and people would quit running. the only reason they run is they know they can get away with it. when the cops say pull over.....DO IT! may not always like what they do or how they do it but when you in trouble who else you going to call.

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