Thursday, May 05, 2005

Paula Abdul what were you thinking?

ok, correct me if i'm wrong . as i see it paula was helping some guy on american well as boning him. so she gave the kid some advice its not like he won. shows you the quality of her advice. whats really funny is that needy bitch was putting the full court press on this guy. she was sending cars to bring him to her home. she gave him a cell phone and told him not to give out the was theirs. what a romantic she is. what advice did she give him really....sing a shitty steve perry song? big deal. didnt she used to date celebrities? now shes screwing some kid from the ghetto.

katie holmes is running around with tom cruise and then has herpes. nice job tom. shes now katie homely. it couldnt happen to two nicer people. i wonder if rosie o'donnell is still rubbing her fat hairy cooch and thinking of tom. actually i always imagined her fat hairy cooch looks like katie holmes face does now.

i dont like china. i'm refering to the country not plates. everything you buy in this country is now made there. why not, they undercyt our prices by paying their mean....employees about a buck and a half a day. we, as americans, cant get enough of that cheap shit into our homes. we should have nuked them back to the stone age when we had the chance. by the way , china is just a subsidiary of wal-mart. thats the single worst company in america. they dont like america or americans ...regardless of what they preach. if they liked america they wouldnt chase jobs overseas and if they liked americans they would pay their employees a livable wage and give them some hours and benefits. sure they OFFER benefits but when your working 28 hours a week @ $6/hr who can afford them. wal-mart had one store in vancouver vote to go union last month......wal-mart closed that store immediately. quit shopping there everyone they are bad people.

ok, you've read enough. now go do what i told you to.


Little Light said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm wondering about Paula and some of the other contestants - thinking back, some things are beginning to make sense...

Shelia said...

It's possible the kid is lying...he lost...he wants publicity...probably has a book coming out...The Not American Idol.