Saturday, May 21, 2005

the middle east just doesnt make sense !

so newsweek said that some guards flushed some qurans (jesus christ i hope i spelled that right) down a toilet to piss off some prisoners. there is just so much wrong with this that its hard to keep all my thoughts in some kind of order. first off, in my house things just dont flush that easy. now i'm pretty sure that if i tried to flush a whole book that i might possibly clog the plumbing of not only my house but the entire neighborhood. dont tewll me that cuba has better plumbing than my neighborhood. secondly, its prison. it's not supposed to be fun. if it was fun we would be calling it funtown and not prison. so we fushed a quran....get over it. i guess it is way worse than the radicals in iraq sawing the heads off of prisoners. maybe if we did that they muslims wouldnt be so mad. isnt it odd that supposedly very religious people can get mad about something you do to a book but could care less about what they do to humans. so in summing this all up lets flush all the qurans down some toilets....and then we can continue on to bibles, the book of mormon......etc. lets get rid of organized religion and the world would be a better place. john lennon got it right, i think.

goldie hawn haas caught some grief from womans groups because she said the reason her marriage to kurt russell has lasted so long is because she wears sexy clothes, spends time away from him and lets him enjoy other women from time to time. what a wonderful wife she is. some women should take a page from her book and start living by it. i knew i liked goldie...she gets it.

lindsay lohan, who now looks like a skeleton, has told teen vogue that compared to other teen stars she fat. hasa anyone seen her lately. she looks like a bobblehead doll (tiny body, huge head). i liked her way better when she had some curves. now she looks like she trying to get a part in the remake of schindlers list. she says she been working out with a trainer. i wonder how that workout goes.....
1. binge
2. purge
3. take some laxitives
i believe her trainers name is heroin. on the upside, when her career goes down the tubes (and it will) she will quit acting crazy, put some weight back on and be in playboy before she 32. i cant wait

well kids , its too nice to be sitting inside reading this. go out and do something


beans said...

if lohan's trainer is herion, her chef must be crack.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

I really enjoy reading your blog as well...I'll link it to mine as soon as I get back home to Brooklyn (I'm in Tejas right now). Thanks for reading my's a little too personal right now (I've had a bad run-in with a less than favorite "friend"), but I'll be back to my sarcastic self soon.

Thanks again for reading!

gabsmash said...

schindlers it.