Thursday, May 19, 2005

Are we back in the seventies still ?

a theater in kentucky (another red state ?) has banned the movie monster in law because, get this, jane fonda is in it. you might guess that it is because of poor acting by her co-star j-lo (somehow i dont think she'll be getting an academy award this year ) or janes dried up features but no its because of things she did during the vietnam war. wasnt she there in the late sixties or early seventies? most of the people who were alive then cant even use a computer. alright mr. theater showed her. way to teach her a lesson. what a goddamn idiot he must be...but dont forget , this is kentucky. they liked bush so reality there is really just a concept. and i just love these people who blame vietnam on jane. sure shes an asshole...just like you and me. if you care to blame anyone blame our politicians who dragged us into that swirling, sucking eddy of despair or our military leaders who would go and bomb those people back to the stone age or lbj who didnt have the balls to get us out because it might make him look weak and left the pow's there to rot. dont blame jane fonda...thats just stupid.

ellen degeneres has now said that she was molested when she was 17 by a stepfather. i wonder if that will affect her relationship with men later in life at all. i think i could have told you that story and i dont even know her. i think alot of lesbians have had some bad expirence with men in their younger days. now dont get all huffy...i didnt say all of them. i love lesbians. i think i am a lesbian personally. ellen also said that anne heche broke her heart. well she seems to have gotten over that. portia de rossi will have that effect on you. de rossi is like ellen's trophy wife....and what a catch she is. you would be hard pressed to find a broad that hot. i really dont think that i'm the only one who would like to ellen and portia do a duet on the i?

theres alot of talk regarding national id's lately. i dont like this idea. its big brother and 1984 happening right before our eyes. this isnt really going to stop terrorism. the same unmotivated screeners at the airport that dont check your id and bags now wont do it with the new id either. the republican party is quickly becoming the nazi party in this country. i dont want my government to tell me what i can watch on tv or hear on the radio. hell , we are about a month from book burnings. red states beware....once the government takes away hbo and howard stern they are going to go after screwing sheep and marrying your sister (thats hitting you right where you live guys).

two funny blogs and . i hope i got those right. funny stuff there and i am hoping those titles are prophetic too.

well the days young and i'm not so time to get to work. you should too.


madison's favorite son said...

both links are broken. and all i know about jane fonda is that she used to be hot. in fact, i'd still give it to her today, with ted watching, of course.

Grampapinhead said...

You are way off base on Jane Fonda, I lived through that and know many Viet Vets who can use a computer..(at least well enough to figure out how to put up a blogroll on their site). I lost many friends to the Vietcong, and have many scarred and damaged friends who served. I did not. Even if you don't understand it is only proper that you respect those who sacrificed for all americans. The biggest problem we have here is there are not more people like that 'dude'from kentucky, who is taking a stand on what he believes.

shoes said...

grampap please, i respect those servicemen completely...maybe more because they were sent over by this country and then shit on when they came home, but please dont hold jane fonda responsible for what went on there. our politcians are to blame for that fiasco. believe me i understand perfectly well and using jane fonda as a lightning rod is ridiculous. thats like watching some kook kill a thousand people and then blaming some guy in a factory who made a bullet. blame the real criminals...lbj and the generals

As always... Rachael said...

"If there is power - it lies within the proles..."

That Jane Fonda shit is a farce... It's that kind of shit that leads dumbasses to 'believe' they are taking a stand, when all they are actually doing is boycotting a fucking movie and ignoring the pressing issues of our day. Good job Kentucky!

This is not about respecting our veterans... grampap.

The movie is going to make millions because J-Lo has great ass and and everyone can relate to struggles with mothers-in-law. This movie does not need Kentucky to make a gajillion dollars, and KY will soon realize this.

I think boycotting a movie - because of its actors - is retarded. fonda is wealthy and I doubt she'll miss Kentucky - this boycott alone will probably ensure that millions who probably had no interest in the movie, will suddenly be compelled to see it.

Free speech, free media... it's all great if you're smart enough to separate the fluff from issues. If not, have fun making signs with sparkle glue and standing in front of a theatre.

Grampapinhead said...

I saw J Fonda on Letterman and she said the same thing about IraQ a couple of weeks ago, that she said about Vietnam 35 yrs ago. Right after apologizing "for her vietnam antics".
I credit Mr Letterman for pushing her to expose her real self.
Far as I am concerned, she can strap one of those alQueda bomb packs on her skinny little wrinkled ass and sit on it.
Oh yeah,
nice blogroll
you are pretty sharp !