Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Whitney and Bobbie.............a love story

whitney houston was so hot when she was young. she had energy and life to her. THEN CAME BOBBIE BROWN. i blamed him for sucking the vitality right out of her. what a drain on a life force he is. but now as time goes on my mind is changing. who would have guessed that it would take a girl like whitney to bobbie look normal. she now looks like the most hagged out crack whore in the whole project and comes across aas the sympathetic husband that you feel sorry for. as for their poor daughter well........lets just say that she got all of bobbie's good looks. lets hope she didnt get whitneys personality flaws to go with that.

i wish the fcc would just be disbanded. do we really need someone to tell us what we should be listening to or seeing. are we so screwed up that we cant make up our own minds. hey, if small children are around then put on something appropriate but when your alone you should see or hear what you want. its ridiculous when E has to tile over tits on the howard stern show. its insane that they cant swear on tv. walk down the street and people are dropping f bombs like its hiroshima. nypd blue couldnt curse.......well that makes sense, i'm sure there is no cursing in a ny police staion. the religious right is taking over this country and if we dont fight it your tv will spew hee haw and pat robertson 24 hours a day.

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