Sunday, May 22, 2005

Do your job....leave god out of it

again a pharmacist in texas (that red state keeps popping up) wouldnt fill a prescription for the morning after pill to a young girl who was raped. apparently god doesnt like him doing that and wants this young lady to have the baby. i say he should be fired immediately. your job isnt to dispense moral lessons its to dispense the drugs that are prescribed. leave you religion at home jerkoff. you can pull it out when your not at work or on sundays. this is happening all over the country and should be stopped before someone gets hurt. sure the religious right says its birth control pills but what if the kook pharmacist decides his god doesnt want you taking your heart medication.

in east orange new jersey a woman named marlene kess has been found to have the rotting corpses of 200 cats in bags in her back yard. she had another 48 cats in her house (alive). now you might be saying "hey shoes, whats so funny about that". well let me tell you. she runs kitty-kind, one of the only no kill shelters in that area. you think some of those cats wouldnt have rather taken there chances in the back room of the humane society. i guess her house wasnt a no kill shelter.

and in a related story...derik wilhelm of huron ohio, a part-time police officer was arrested for throwing kittens out of his car window. thats not such a bad thing in and of itself BUT his car happened to be going 70 mph when he did it. he must be the pride of the huron ohio police department. look if you wanted to get rid of the kittens do like everyone else...put them in a bag with a brick and toss it into some lake. thats the american way.

ok, its sunday. go and pray for my soul.


vjack said...

Gods, religion, and other superstitious beliefs have no place at work. I never have understood why people feel the need to practice their insane religions at work or why anyone would argue that this sort of behavior should be protected. We don't need freedom of religion in the workplace; we need complete freedom from religion in the workplace. At work, I should be able to do my job without having to worry about responding to someone's religious crap. Great post.

curmudgeon said...

This is akin to the sporting goods store sells guns and bullets.
Who are they to decide you can't take them home and shoot yourself or someone else? Or kittens? Or old people?

Praise Allah.