Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Is god a republican?

when you hear some of the stories it seems so. at the east waynesville baptist church in waynesville n.c. they kicked some democrats out of the church. in case you havent guessed n. carolina is a red state. they actually should be red with embarassment. the pastor announced, during a service no less, that if you arent voting republican then you cant be a member of that church then just lately they tossed eight people who voted democrat. can the government start taxing churches immediately please? well it wont happen because bush and the republicans have their noses firmly imbedded in the religious rights asses (so far up actually that they can tell what they had for lunch) but it should happen. there should be a seperation of church and state and if churches want to start making political statements then they should be taxed. churches have it pretty sweet actually not being taxed. the catholic church has so much money they make microsoft look like paupers. so to sum it up....if jesus came back now he would probably still hang out with lepers and prostitutes but not democrats. well at least we can applaud the east waynesville baptist church for acxtually showing their true feelings instead of hiding them like most "true" christians.

two items that explain why common sense is lacking in young people. in bow, new hampshire a senior will not get her diploma because she is one gym credit short. i know that kids try to get out of gym (hell most of my friends did in h.s.) but lets look further. this girl plays in the band and letters in three sports. doesnt she get some gym credit for the letters.
in columbus, georgia a student was suspended for talking on his cell phone and not hanging up when told to. i know those pesky cell phones are a distraction and shouldnt be in schools but lets look a little further at this too. the kid was talking during lunch and he was talking to his mother who just happens to be serving thisa country in IRAQ. who knows when this kid will speak to her again (if ever).
the reality is kids arent seeing alot of common sense from the adults they are surrounded with.

starbucks wont sell bruce springsteens new cd in their stores because (as i understand it) it has a anal sex reference. i'm sure bruce is shaking in his boots over that. i guess that cd will go platinum 10 minutes later than expected now. if anyone is affected its someone like me. someone who buys all his music at starbucks. i was going to go to one of the thirty starbucks on my block and buy it as soon as it came out but i guess that plan is screwed now. hey starbucks, stick to what you know.........overpriced, OVERRATED coffees sold to h.s. kids.

one a final note to send you on your day the right way ....12 penguins died in a california zoo......from chlamydia! and you think your day was bad


madison's favorite son said...

"if jesus came back now he would probably still hang out with lepers and prostitutes but not democrats." hahahahaha

breakerslion said...

How did the Republican get to heaven?

He didn't. He acquired it in a hostile take-over, kicked all the poor people out, then had it delivered.