Tuesday, May 10, 2005

How fast food will save detroit

well the mayor of detroit wants to inpose a tax on fast food to help out the city budget. ok, lets go over this whole thing . first the city is 300 million in debt.....how much can you make off of that tax? how much fast food does that shithole of a city eat? they already have a restaraunt tax and now they are going to add on more. that city is so dead. why dont they just billdoze it under and start over. if anyone has ever been there you know what i mean. you begin to understand why the residents want to burn that city down every time they win a sports championship or its devils night.

i used to go onto the site www.t-shirthell.com all the time but those pussies have taken off about half of the shirts. they say it wasnt over pressure but thats some bullshit. cmon guys did you find god or what? they had the best shirts ever on there. sure , they were horribly racist but everyone i showed that site to (white or black) just laughed their asses off when they saw them. these were shirts you really couldnt wear outside but they made you laugh in their absurdity. cmon guys bring them back.

kelly osbourne has blamed her drug problems on her genes. because ozzie and sharon are dna losers she is genetically predisposed to be an addict. this little bitch should shut the hell up. first off it wasnt for ozzie being talented you would be living in a trailer somewhere being a fat little angst ridden goth chick. if it wasnt for ozzie nobody would know your name. hooked on codeine lolipops....what the hell is that? she is typical of so many people today that blame everyone and everything else for their problems. well kelly heres the facts. you have an eating disorder and a drug problem and you were albe to combine the two with drugged candy. go away you little bitch....your 15 minutes are up.

look what you've done to me. i hope your all happy now

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vjack said...

Poor Kelly. Too bad talent isn't inherited. Great blog, BTW. I just added it to my RSS aggregator so you got yourself another regular reader.