Monday, May 09, 2005

Is there nobody who would love a lawyer.....

the answer to that is NO.i'm not sure their families even love them. lawyers are like leaches. they are parasites. they create nothing in our society all they do is live off of the dischord they sow. they are the ultimate scumbags. defense lawyers are some of the worst. how can you defend someone who you know is guilty. please, dont say that they dont and i both know that in most cases they do. if someone ever hurt my family and i went off i would have to consider going after the lawyer that got him off. lawyers are like rats ...the world will be better with less of them. on the other hand if people were more honorable and stood by their word we wouldnt need them at all.

is there anything better than seeing the yankees lose. the pittsburgh pirates have a better winning percentage then the heralded yanks. for anyone who loves baseball they are the antichrist's. george steinbrenner makes more money than anyone in the league. his tv contract pulls in more than any other team in the league by far. his throwing money at players means that teams like pittburgh, k.c., tampa have no shot ever. i used to have a partial season ticket plan for the pirates but i didnt renew and sent them a letter telling then to call me when deck isnt stacked. maybe then i'll go again. so good for you george, i hope your team doesnt make the playoffs this year. oh, and i'm glad your horse didnt win at the ky derby.

eight more american soldiers killed in iraq. does anyone know what that makes the count now. this war is going horribly wrong and doesnt seem to have any hope of getting better. nice fuckin job gw...even your dad knew better than to try and control a country. its one thing to beat the shit out of a second rate army but its another to occupy a country. how many american soldiers will die before this ends. you dont see anyone ffrom the bush family over there but then they have a long history of dodging military service (as does everyone in this administration).

ok, i'm done for today. read it and weep kids

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J.A. Coppinger said...

You'd think after Vietnam we'd have learned the futility of trying to fight a geurilla war. You can't change people's beliefs with weapons. Democracy has to be earned by a people, you can't give it to them. If you do, they won't appreciate the cost of holding it and it'll fail.

It pisses me off to no end that Bush/Cheney are getting all these young kids killed so they can line their own pockets.