Friday, May 27, 2005


try to wrap your brain around this one kids

in campobello, south carolina cory michael williamson , age 17, was arrested for buggery. whats buggery you ask? well his neighbor reported him to the police after witnessing him having sex with a six month old puppy. thats right.... A SIX MONTH OLD PUPPY. right now your friend and mine cory is a guest at the spartanburg county detention center. if that seems a little extreme for someone who might have been having consensual sex with his pet lets look into this a little further. seems cory was arrested last year for criminal sexual conduct against a FOUR year old girl and a thirteen year old girl. seems cory has al little problem here. this kid is a sexual predator. he needs to be eliminated. i know his lawyer will say hes only seventeen, that he can be rehabilitated.....etc. he cant. make no mistake about this......he cant. anyone who thinks this kid is worth saving should be forced to live next door to him with their kids. that'll seperate the believers from the non-believers. my prediction......he is going to kill a child before hes put away. you read it here first.

in georgetown, texas a man was given a life sentence for his EIGHTH dwi conviction. i know you big drinkers might think this is a little harsh but imagine this drunken bastard wiping out your family and then belching out "did i hit something officer". i'll forgive the first but after that you just aint gettin it. maybe public whippings and stocks might jar his memory but do we really need to resort to that. and i can only imagine what this drunken fucks car insurance must cost. gary dibbs, 49, is a country western singer so he will be real entertaining in the cell block where the song "stand by your man" takes on a whole new meaning. i do have good news for mr dibbs.....he is eligible for parole in thirty years (you thought i was going to say i saved alot of money on my car insurance).

on a lighter note britany spears had to give her pet chihuahua away because it kept biting her new husband kevin. the only person in the family with common sense and she gave it away. what are they going to do when the kid talks back? i cant believe that mr spears can call the shots like that....he is her employee. kevin is quoted as saying that hes delighted his ankles are safe and that there is alot less poop laying around. poop which is said to litter their malibu home (britany has two other dogs). does this remind anyone of the beverly hillbillies. how long before they have a car up on blocks in the front yard, a gaggle of kids running around naked......etc. god help malibu.

gotta run folks. enjoy the long weekend. hope your weather is good.


Grampapinhead said...

nice rant, i especially like your take on Brittany spears. might have to quote and link that one.

curmudgeon said...

Hey michael! I know where you can get a chihuahua to fuck!
Be gentle though, it bites.

Betty said...

bleck! screwing a f'ing dog! bleck!

Brittany Spears gets on my nerves. She's just dumb.

madison's favorite son said...

today's gem- "the only person in the family with common sense and she gave it away."

sodajerk said...

can i just say

castrate cory

preferably using bricks

he is one sick bastard.

As always... Rachael said...

That sex story was plenty alarming... I can't even comment.

About the DWI thing, a funny story from my hometown, years ago when I still lived there. 5th time DUI offender, asked for leniency from the court, stating that he had moved into an apartment across the street from his favorite watering hole adn was willing to turn over his title, license, and keys to the court. Judge bought it. As far as I know, he hasn't caused any problems since.