Monday, November 06, 2006

you decide.............

its sweeps time on local tv. this is the time when local news goes after sensational stories that are alot of bullshit your childs daycare filled with radiation? or do you know if a child predator is teaching your children?. they throw out these teasers trying to get people to watch their lame ass news when everyone knows that people are getting their news from the internet or cnn...etc. well the station in pittsburgh (kdka) went after the pastor of a presbyterian church here in the burg. they advertised that they had "conducted a monthlong investigation into reporrts of public and illegal sexual behavior by pastor dugan. promos were run for a month showing the reporter confronting the pastor regarding trips to an adult bookstore. last thursday they said the investigation "uncovered illicit, possibly illegal, activity by a local minister, activities which, at the very least, violated the rules of his denomination". again...possibly illegal. well theres no need to worry about it now because the pastor went to a motel and committed suicide. he od'd on ...get this.....aspirin and alcohol. i took alot of aspirin once and all i got was that i felt really good. the reality of this is that what good did it do. going to a bookstore is not illegal and even if he did something against the tenents of his religion ....who cares. it wasnt hurting the public. go after a politician tough guy. go after the catholic church (what they did really was illegal). this was senseless. it wasnt done to benefit the public. it was only done to raise the staions rating during sweeps week. nice job guys.

on a side note ...this is the same reporter who got his station in dallas sued by two cowboys after reporting that they molested a stripper who later recanted. his track record isnt sterling by any means.

i guess the bottom line on how i feel is that if your going to do an investigation go after something that benefits the public. picking on a guy like that is like shooting fish in a barrel. he had a wife and ruined their lives over something that wasnt even illegal and shouldnt be considered bad at all anyway. go on with your monday.

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