Thursday, November 30, 2006


i know your all waiting on me to comment on kramer and i didnt want to until i saw where the chips would here goes nothing.
ok so kramer lost it in a comedy club. the people came in and he thought they were making too much noise. ok, so he dropped the n-bomb what ah.......thousand times. so what. maybe he thought he was making a rap video. watch the shows from the apollo and you hear "nigga" used a million times. does that make it right? probably not but if blacks want whites to quit using it then they should start.....dont you think. personally i dont run around calling white people honkies or crackers (even if i'm mad at them) asshole seems to do the job just fine. the jews took their collective feet off of mel gibsons throat now its time for the blacks to do the same to kramer. he apologized. hell, he went on jesse jacksons show and apologized. isnt that enough? everyone is watching the show on youtube and making fun him anyways. hes got down on his knees and kissed your shoes. you showed relax. i'm tired of this story and its taking up too much space and brain power on blogs around the world. this story is so last week now lets just forget it. the guys he yelled at want him to apologize to their faces and then let a judge decide what compensation should be. heres your compensation....did you get your apology? cool, nows heres cab fair ...go home. you won. oh, and on your way drop gloria "fuckin" allred off at ..well....wherever asshole lawyers hang out. i cant remember who said this but a famous man once said "cant we all just get along".

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