Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just shut up.........

ok, well the horror of halloween is over.......just in time for john kerry to come back and haunt the dems. he should just keep his trap shut. isnt there anyone in the dems who can act as a censor for for some of the party. there should be one guy who knows how to speak who should have to approve everything kerry says before he even thinks of opening his trap. just when the dems look like they are going to get some control back he has to go and give the republicants all the ammo they need. wayy to go john. i think theresa is ready to slap him now.

i find it funny that someone like melissa hart (a republican hack from a largely wealthy, republican part of the pittsburgh suburbs) says in her commercials that she cherishes all of our veterans. this is the same woman who helped dubya form his policy for the last know, the one where he badmouthed every democratic veteran. i guess she only cherishes the republican veterans. needless to say shes in a bit of a fight and the post gazette (pittsburghs only viable paper) endorses her opponent.

it looks like ricky santorum (aka little hitler) is about to have to get on with his lifes work. what will he do when he cant suck at the teat of the government for his income. i dont count him out completely yet becausei never underestimate the sheeple from the middle of this state. if you know pennsylvania the you understand the philadelphia is in the east, pittsburgh is in the west and arkansas is in the middle. rick is strong in the arkansas part of our state where he has convinced them that a vote for democrats will not only allow the terrorists to get your home address but will allow jews, uppity negroes and others of color to move into your neighborhood where they will immediately impregnate their lilly white , vigin daughters.

happy thursday get to work.

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