Thursday, November 16, 2006

He may be retarded......................

Last night CNN’s Larry King confessed to Roseanne Barr that he’s never used the Internet. King expressed doubt that the Internet was a viable political medium because “there’s 80 billion things on it.” When Barr said she liked the Internet, King acknowledged that “I’ve never done it, never gone searching.”
Barr said King would love the internet if he tried it. King replied, “I wouldn’t love it. What do you punch little buttons and things?” Barr even offered to show King how to use the Internet. King declined.

you would think that someone two hundred years old would have learned to use a computer by now. i dont understand people who are proud to have never used a computer. the sales manager where i work proudly proclaims that he has never used a computer. hes in his fifties...he too old to learn. well, how does it feel to be dumber that a three year old. three year olds can use a computer. how would a grown man look at porn without a pc. sure its good for keeping in touch, holding and filing your music, keeping your schedule organized but it was made for porn. its a custom fit as far as i'm concerned. old people who cant work a vcr can use a computer. so to all of you who are proud that you havent used a computer..............congratulations numbnuts, your as smart as larry king.

These two are definitely retarded..........
Two men decided to settle a long-running feud in an Apopka Wal-Mart parking lot Saturday morning.One was grazed with a bullet. One was sprayed with Mace. Both ended up in the Orange County Jail, police said."What they were thinking, I have no idea," said Apopka police Sgt. Jerome Miller. "It's just strange."Frank J. Lukasik, 48, of Longwood was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery after police said he shot Paul B. Goldman in the dispute.Goldman, 47, of Orlando, was arrested on a charge of battery causing bodily harm after authorities said he sprayed the chemical at Lukasik.Both men told police they knew each other only from arguing for six years over the CB radio airwaves.According to the police report, Lukasik announced on the radio early Saturday that he was going to the Wal-Mart on U.S. Highway 441 to buy a gift.Goldman replied he would be there, "to settle their dispute and that he would have something for him [Lukasik]," the report said.About 7:30 a.m., a witness reported seeing Lukasik walk to Goldman's truck with his hands in his pockets. Goldman got out of his vehicle, and the two men began arguing.Lukasik told police he only pulled out the .380-caliber Colt and fired toward Goldman when the man sprayed him with Mace.The witness said Lukasik took out the gun first but only fired after Goldman pulled out the spray. Miller said that Goldman had been hiding the can behind his back, making it unclear what his weapon was."He [Lukasik] had no idea what he was facing," Miller said. "Neither did the other guy."Lukasik walked back to his car and put the gun away, then went to a store security officer and said he had just shot someone, according to the report. He then waited for police to arrive.Apopka Fire took Goldman to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where he was treated briefly for a head cut, from the bullet grazing his scalp.Goldman then returned to the parking lot to talk to police, according to the report. He said he had told Lukasik he wanted to settle their dispute at Wal-Mart but used the spray only after he saw the other man had a weapon.Police found the Colt and a .40-caliber Glock handgun in Lukasik's car. They also took a concealed-weapon permit that Goldman had

it was the heady days of my youth. the song "convoy" was playing from my record player. i dance around in my bell bottomed polyester pants and my platform shoes. that right it was 1974 and that was the last time that i fought over anything said on the cb. i thought that they were gone. the craze died in 1975 ......just like these two should have. i dont even think truckers use them anymore. it reminds me of the idiot in my neighborhood . his name was tommy love. that alone would have garnered him some asswhippings but on top of it he was a world class geek and asshole. nobody liked tommy (including his parents i suspected). tommy got a cb unit, a base unit and put an antennae on his roof. tommy could talk to people for many miles. he also sat in his room for hours talking on that thing. we used to sneek up to his window and cut the antennae wire so that he would sit and listen for hours nothing. nothing was as fun as seeing him and saying something to the effect of "slow day on the cb tommy"? he'd blather on about how the low clouds must affecting his tranmissions and it would take about a week for him to catch on and repair the cable......until we cut it again. tommy is now a mall cop.

just thought you needed to know some more shit today.


ccw said...

I'm convinced that Larry King, like Dick Clark, is already dead.

Who would brag that they have no knowledge about a computer or that there is nothing on-line? My grandfather can't use a computer but he certainly appreciates what you can do with one and has his family order things on-line for him.

The Wal-Mart idiots do not deserve to be alive.

Jim McKee said...

Larry King is not dead... he's just a dipshit, that's all. You'd have to be a dipshit, to have that prominent a position and to admit you've NEVER used the Internet. You might as well drool all over yourself, piss your pants and say "Duh".

Someone needs to buy Larry a ticket on the Clue Bus.