Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just when i thought the world was perfect......

tmz is reporting that pamela anderson is filing for divorce from kid rock. the reason you ask.....irreconcilable differences. what else did you expect. you think that one morning she woke and looked at him and said hes skanky and doesnt have a future. its the reason she left tommy lee. he was over. or maybe kid realized how many guys have been in that dumpster before him. either way this was bound to happen. they lived a lifetime in those four months of weeded bliss. oh well another white trash couple bites the dust. the best part is that this photo will be in gq in january.
no sex tapes of brit and kevin? oh snap. actually i wasnt looking forward to tapes of him fouling her. there was a time when she was every guys wet dream....then it was gone. kevin put the finishing touch on that. a fat used up brittney isnt what i care to look at. she should ask pam how to do it. if anyone made a great sex tape it was her and tommy.

lets get some work done kids. remember its tuesday.

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curmudgeon said...

I am just mortified. Who would have ever believed she was the divorcing type?