Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Vampires? maybe.............

ok, who would have guessed their husbands were vampires. i have never seen two broads clean up better (and faster) once they dumped the guys. two broads that used to be hot and then went into the stage where even i wouldnt do them and now.....i'd do them. i guess losing about 150 lbs of worthless fat will do that for you. the difference.......nobody wants to see a video of a crack whore whitney having sex with bobby brown, kevin says he is being offered 50million for his sex tapes with brittany. dont laugh, it may be his only talent.

why is it that anytime i'm driving around and i see a car that looks like it just went through a demo derby behind the wheel is a chick on her cell phone. lately everytime i see someone driving like an asshole they are on their cellphone. now i'm not one of those people who against talking on a phone in your car...just be good at it. most arent. and i i see you texting, i'm going to hit you. keep your eyes on the road douche bag. i'm longing for the days when chicks only put on makeup in the car while driving or the guy whos reading a paper while using his dick to steer. those were the days.

i'm also getting tired of the creep. no, not the guy down the street who lives with his dad and sister, whos 5' 8 and weighs 450, who forces the single schoolteacher who lives next door to him to put glass block windows in her basement because she caught him peeping. no not him. i'm talking about xmas creep. santa came to a mall in the burg last weekend. the oldies station is starting to play xmas music 24/7 until xmas. cant you bastards wait until after thanksgiving. cant you just give me a little time before i have to rush into this miserable, degrading, tortorous season of peace. i'm afraid to tell the one secretary here at my work because she will start playing that station......loud. look, i dont need to here wilson/phillips ruin another xmas standard. if i wanted to here them sing poorly i would get their first cd. i'd rather here those barking dogs do jingle bells that faith hill give her version of silent night. new xmas anything until, at the very least, thanksgiving day.
oh if you dislike my use of xmas instead ok christmas......too damn bad.

ok everyone, your half way done with the week. enjoy.

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BAC said...

Wow! Mr. Pissed is in rare form. The new blog format is really cool & it must be inspiring you to new heights of rant. XMAS is perfectly acceptable I use it all the time & as you know I;m rarely wrong (at least on Wednesdays). I saw XMAS stuff in NC in September in a Wal-Mart!